Why Choose Engineered Wood Over Laminate or LVT Floors.

As one of the leading names in wooden flooring, Woodrow Parquet has been providing high-quality wood flooring solutions to homes and businesses alike for years. And, with the constantly evolving trends and advancements in the flooring industry, we have come up with a unique solution to provide customers with an unmatched in-house wood flooring experience.

In recent years, the popularity of both laminate and luxury vinyl tile flooring has grown significantly, and whilst these flooring solutions may be affordable, they do not offer the same value and benefits that engineered wood flooring does.

Here are a few reasons why engineered wood flooring is the better choice over laminate and LVT:

1. Natural wood look and feel

One of the main advantages of engineered wood flooring is that each plank is made from a piece of natural wood. Therefore, an engineered wood floor offers a truly authentic wood look and feel, while laminate and LVT flooring cannot replicate the warmth, texture, and natural variation in color that real wood provides.

2. Durability

Engineered wood floors are more durable compared to LVT and laminate flooring due to the high-density fiberboard core used in their construction for robustness. This type of construction helps to ensure that the flooring is stable, resistant to warping and does not expand or contract with temperature changes.

3. Maintenance

Laminate and LVT flooring require regular maintenance to keep them clean and hygienic. Engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, requires minimal maintenance due to its durability and stability, making it a more cost-effective long-term flooring solution.

4. Resale value

Out of the three choices, engineered wood floors add more value to a property compared to laminate and LVT flooring options. A well-maintained engineered wood floor not only enhances the aesthetic of your home but also increases the overall value of your property on the real estate market.

In Summary

Overall, the benefits of an engineered wood floor over LVT and laminate flooring are significant. The natural look and feel of wood, durability, and maintenance-free features make it an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses. With a wide range of finishes and installation options available – from herringbone to parquetry, you are sure to find an engineered wood flooring solution that will transform your space and add value to your property. Visit Woodrow Parquet today and talk to our experts to help you choose the right flooring solution for your needs!