Parquet: Fashion Comes & Goes, Style Lasts Forever.

Parquet flooring has been around for centuries, and it is still popular today. It has been seen in grand buildings and palaces, and now in homes and offices. Parquet flooring consists of squared wooden pieces arranged in patterns on a floor. With many patterns available, you have the option of deciding how you want to design your floor.
Woodrow Parquet is a company that specializes in supplying and installing parquet flooring. Our flooring options offer timeless herringbone, contemporary Hungarian chevron, the beautiful and classic Versailles, basketweave, and many other parquet panels to enhance any room. With our parquet, anything is possible. It’s not just a range of flooring options. It’s a range of flooring designs that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.
One of the benefits of parquet flooring is its durability. It is made of high-quality hardwood that can last a lifetime. The hardwood used in our parquet patterns is sourced from sustainable forests. The combination of beautiful designs and sustainability make Woodrow Parquet floors one of a kind.

The versatility of parquet flooring is unmatched. The many patterns available, including herringbone, chevron, Versailles, and basketweave, offer you a wide range of design options. You can even mix and match patterns to create your unique design. Our experts will work with you to create a beautiful, custom parquet floor that matches your style and preferences.
Installing parquet flooring may seem challenging, but our team of professional installers has vast experience in installing it. We will ensure that your new floor is correctly installed, and we will also provide maintenance care guidelines to keep your parquet floors looking new.

If you’re looking to create a unique and appealing flooring design, think about parquet flooring. The patterns available can match any interior style and create a luxurious, one-of-a-kind aesthetic. With Woodrow Parquet, your vision can come alive. No matter how intricate your design needs are, we’ve got you covered.